Great River Charter School, St. Paul, Minnesota, is a 1-12 Montessori charter school culminating in the IB diploma program.  We serve 420 students and maintain a healthy waiting list for students. In the last 5 years, we have had excellent student and faculty retention.   A strong sense of community pervades the school environment.

Collaborative Heads of School
Great River School (GRS), an urban public Montessori charter school for grades 1-12, seeks two leaders to serve collaboratively as Heads of School, beginning July 1, 2014. Together, these individuals will nurture the school’s mission, while cultivating a thriving cohesive authentic Montessori program for ages six through eighteen.  Established in 2004, GRS supports 420 independent, engaged students divided evenly in thirds across elementary, middle and high school.  GRS offers these leaders a majority Montessori-trained faculty, a student body top-ranked for academic achievement, and a well-respected and stable charter school operation.

The cooperative pedagogy and operations leaders will provide a depth of complementary skills, experience, and passion. The pedagogy leader will be a proven expert in Montessori elementary and innovator in Montessori adolescent education experienced implementing authentic Montessori programs in a full-spectrum school.  The operations leader will be a proven education business leader experienced promoting stability and efficiency in the operations of a large school, with an understanding of issues facing Montessori charter schools.  Interested candidates who meet either of these profiles are invited to request an application package at searchcommittee@greatriverschool.org.