Faculty Directory

Akre, Erik, Lower Elementary Guide, 651-305-2780, eakre@greatriverschool.org
Alsleben, Scott, A1 Field Studies , 651-305-2780 Cell: 612-723-3699 extension 109, salsleben@greatriverschool.org
Anway, Karen, Upper Elementary Guide, kanway@greatriverschool.org
Blue, Emily, Spanish Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 129, eblue@greatriverschool.org
Christensen, Andrea, A3 English Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 139, achristensen@greatriverschool.org
Dickey, Alexis, Adolescent 1 Social Studies Guide, alexis@greatriverschool.org
Donnelly, Kira, Upper Elementary Guide, kdonnelly@greatriverschool.org
Donovan, Mary, A3 Educational Assistant, 651-305-2780 X 118 extension 118, mdonovan@greatriverschool.org
Eaton, Jessy, Lower Elementary Guide, jeaton@greatriverschool.org
Flood, Michael, A2 & A3 Math Guide & Idea Lab Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 139, mflood@greatriverschool.org
Gantenbein, Mary, Upper Elementary Education Assistant, 612-701-4455, mgantenbein@greatriverschool.org
Garita, Enrique, Spanish Guide and 504 Coordinator, enrique@greatriverschool.org
Hansen, Sarah, Adolescent 1 Mathematics Guide, shansen@greatriverschool.org
Indrelie, Elizabeth, Special Education Assistant, eindrelie@greatriverschool.org
Indrelie, Kate, A2 English Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 129, kindrelie@greatriverschool.org
Inz, Nelson, A2 Social Studies Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 129, ninz@greatriverschool.org
Kreger, Stacey, School Systems Manager, skreger@greatriverschool.org
Larsen, Ilse, Athletic Director, 651-336-7598 (cell), ilarsen@greatriverschool.org
Lawrence-Lupton, Sarah, A1 and 9th Grade Special Education Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 108, sarah@greatriverschool.org
Limberg, Tami, Adolescent 2 Science Guide, tlimberg@greatriverschool.org
Machacek, Laura, Visual Arts Guide, lmachacek@greatriverschool.org
McAnerney, Lydia, Project Manager , (651) 305-2780 extension 102, lmcanerney@greatriverschool.org
McCaffrey, Maggie, Special Education Assistant, mmccaffrey@greatriverschool.org
McClure, Randi, Visual Arts Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 119, rmcclure@greatriverschool.org
McElrath, Matt, Dean of Students & LIST League Coordinator, 651-305-2780, ext. 103, mmcelrath@greatriverschool.org
McNiff, Nadine, Lower Elementary Education Assistant, nmcniff@greatriverschool.org
Miesle, Caroline, Vocal Music Guide & Occupations , (651) 305-2780 extension 129, cmiesle@greatriverschool.org
Nelson, Jennifer, Lower Elementary Education Assistant, jennifer.nelson@greatriverschool.org
Nelson, Julia, Front Desk Coordinator, (651) 305-2780 extension 100, jnelson@greatriverschool.org
Noble, Julian, Special Education Assistant, jnoble@greatriverschool.org
O'Brien, Samuel, Head of School, 6513052780 voice mailbox sobrien@greatriverschool.org, sobrien@greatriverschool.org
O'Dowd, Amanda, Upper Elementary Education Assistant , aodowd@greatriverschool.org
Peterson, Jay, Chemistry Guide, jpeterson@greatriverschool.org
Peterson-Nafziger, Melanie, A3 Social Studies Guide & IB Coordinator, (651) 305-2780 extension 139, melanie@greatriverschool.org
Radant, Hannah, 10th and 11th Grade Special Education Guide, hradant@greatriverschool.org
Rajcic, Karen, Big Kids Canoe Club Director, bigcanoe@greatriverschool.org
Ryan, Galen, Special Education Assistant, gryan@greatriverschool.org
Schanilec, Clayton, Adolescent 1 English Guide, cschanilec@greatriverschool.org
Scott, Zach, Instrumental Music Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 119, zscott@greatriverschool.org
Shapiro, Abram, A1 Math Guide, ashapiro@greatriverschool.org
Sibert, Andria, Accounting and Human Resources Coordinator, asibert@greatriverschool.org
Springfield, Anne, A3 Mathematics Guide, aspringfield@greatriverschool.org
Suits, Lucy, Communications and Outreach Manager, lsuits@greatriverschool.org
Sullivan, Sheila, A3 Science Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 139, ssullivan@greatriverschool.org
Sutton, Ethan, Elementary Special Education Guide, esutton@greatriverschool.org
Tupper, MSW, LICSW, Seth, School Social Worker, (651) 305-2780 ext 110 or (612) 462-3652, stupper@greatriverschool.org
Weiss, Logan, A3 Educational Assistant, lweiss@greatriverschool.org
Wildman, Brad, A3 Special Education Guide, (651) 305-2780 extension 118, bwildman@greatriverschool.org