Adolescent 2

Adolescent 2 (grades 9 & 10) Program

Great River School’s Senior High consists of two levels, Adolescent 2 (A2) for students in grades 9 & 10 and Adolescent 3 (A3) for students in grades 11 & 12.

Students in A2 work with four core teachers, have core classes together and learn in their own section of the school. They rotate between classes and independent work, giving them the opportunity to delve deeply into topics covered in class.  As much as possible, topics are integrated as teachers help students see how the world works and the reality of overlapping disciplines.

Key experiences

Fall Trip

The school year begins with all high school students participating different key experiences.  All 9th and 10th graders will spend their fall experience during the first week of school at The Land School, owned by Lake Country School, in western Wisconsin.  They will participate in farm activities such as gardening, animal care and stewardship.  They will also continue with their academic studies.  The fall experience includes an opportunity to travel, camp,  live, work and study together.

Spring Intensives

Spring Intensives revolve around the interests and planning by students with faculty support during the last eight days of school in June.   They may be based in the Twin Cities, a music or art intensive with some time here and some on the road, or a backpacking or bicycle trip where students are gone the entire time.  Working together as a group here or on the road will strengthen the community that has been forming all year long.

Core Curriculum

Adolescent 2 core curriculum includes English, Science ( biology for 9th grade; chemistry for 10th grade), history (world history and geography offered this year; civics/government offered next year) and math.  Math classes offered include Algebra 1 and 2 and geometry.  If students need higher level math, arrangements will be made.

High School Curriculum Guide for 2012-13 (general information is good, but schedule is from last year)

Weekly schedule

Each day begins with a 15 minute advisory period during which announcements and level activities take place.  Following advisory, student will attend their first elective class followed by a 2-hour core class and independent work period.  Lunch at 11:45 proceeds the second elective class.  To close out the day, students attend their second core class and independent work period.  On Wednesdays, students have only one core and independent work period as they spend the afternoon in CAS (see below).

2013-2014 Schedule

Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)

All GRS students participate in CAS which originally comes from the International Baccalaureate Program.  However, consistent with Great River School’s core value of learning in the broadest sense and regard for educating the whole child, CAS activities allows students to nurture opportunities for self-expression including artistic and imaginative activities, be physically active and give service to their community.  Most CAS activities take place on Wednesday afternoons during school.  Planning and doing community service is the student’s responsibility.  Each A2 student must complete 30 hours of service each year as a graduation requirement in addition to time spent in school.  Many opportunities are available at school for doing service but students are encouraged to seek out activities in the wider community about which they are passionate.  The student’s advisor is available to help student’s find appropriate activities for all CAS options.


Each student is assigned an advisor for the two years they are in A2.  This person is the first point of contact for any issues, academic or social, students or parents/guardians might have.  To identify the advisor for your student, please go to Power School and find the teacher assignment under the Advisory Class period on their Bell schedule.

Teacher emails: For individual teacher’s emails, please refer to the Faculty Directory to the right.

A2 Classjump website: Some of the A2 faculty maintain a website to keep students informed about assignments and announcements for the core classes.  The link for Classjump can be found under each faculty’s name in the faculty directory.