Collections help support GRS

Over the past 7 years, GRS families have been quietly collecting milk cap lids from KEMPS and Land O’Lakes and Boxtops for Education from many products.  We count them up and send them in to the various companies and receive a check a few months later. Each year, this adds up to between $300 and $500.  Recently, we have added cell phones and ink jet cartridges to our list of collectibles.

So, please – save your old phone and spent printer cartridges as well as your Boxtops & Kemps Select Milk lids and bring them in to GRS.  We will send them in and a check will come back to us. This accomplishes 2 goals – a source of funding for the school AND a way to eliminate items from a land fill.  Thanks for your support.

Here is a list of qualifying cell phones & printer cartridges.