The Pink Tower

Great River School has accepted the extraordinary opportunity to be part of the new documentary being created to insert Montessori into the national dialogue on education.  From the website, “We enter the lives of children as they experience Montessori education in classrooms ranging from pre-school through high school. From the backyard of an urban housing project, to a farm in Wisconsin, to an innovative charter high school, we come to understand what works in education and what families want for their children, regardless of race, culture, or income. And we see how essential children are in building their own powerful learning experiences.”

We encourage you to take a few minutes to look at the website and trailer for the film captured at Cornerstone Montessori School in St. Paul as it is deeply inspirational.  Longtime GRS parent and past  board member, Jan Selby, and her creative partner Vina Kay are co-producing and co-directing the work.  We are thrilled to be included.