2491:NoMythic – Bringing home the FIRST Team Spirit Award!

What a year for the robotics team! And what an ending!!!
We came into the North Star Regional this past weekend from a 42nd place finish in Duluth. On Thursday, the team spent 12 hours implementing improvements to their robot from what they’d learned in Duluth. By the end of the 2nd day, 2491 was ranked 2nd.  On day three, we entered the alliance rounds ranked 4th, and chose 2 alliance partners for the finals.  In the finals, alliances of three play 2 out of 3 to advance each round.
Our competition season came to a close in the third game of the quarterfinals.  It looked like our alliance had it clinched, with a double-balance in place and a point spread that the other team couldn’t overtake without a triple balance. In the last 15 seconds of the match, our opponents scored an unexpected hoop point and nailed a double balance. Ellen called for a triple balance, a risky move that would have put us back in the lead. Our alliance partners began all the right moves, but we lost to the clock.  It was exhilarating and heartbreaking!  The energy, enthusiasm  and commitment of our team didn’t go unrecognized!
Every year, the judges award the Team Spirit award to one team for their “extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit… exceptional partnership and teamwork.”   Team 2491:NoMythic brought home the North Star Regional  FIRST Team Spirit Award!  Our purple crew has carved out new territory for 2491:NoMythic. We’ve proven ourselves as serious contenders. This year, we competed in two regionals, qualified for finals as the 4th ranked team in a field of 63.   The level of commitment shown by this team is truly extraordinary.
Thank you everyone for your support in making this year happen. A special thank you to Steve Vanderboom of Pace Analytical, both for cheering for us all the way through the quarter finals and for being our team’s anchor sponsor. Thank you to the coaches, Michael Flood, Greg Olsen, and Lauren Lithe for the hours of work. Thank you to the mentors, the parents, and the other students who helped make this possible.
Looking forward to the year ahead!
Team 2491, NoMythic