Strategic Plan Approved

Great River School currently enjoys a period of relative stability. During the past three years, the fund balance has grown, full enrollment capacity has been reached and teacher and student retention have stabilized at over 90%. We have expanded our facilities by over 15,000 square feet and have reached a mature administrative configuration.

The goals in each of the primary categories of the previous five-year plan (listed below) were met or exceeded.

  1. National Model of Montessori Adolescent Education
  2. Healthy School Community
  3. Robust School Operations

At the end of its eighth year in operation, Great River School is like the nine-year-old child who often undergoes a poignant recognition of his/her individual identity. One of the major themes for the next three-year plan will be managed growth, as we will be adding elementary grades beginning in Fall 2012. This growth signifies a strong foundation. The increased capacity promises deep potential for the school and community. The strategic plan will address maximizing that potential for the greatest good. Great River School is poised to forge new trails in the upcoming phase of its development.  Read the entire Strategic Plan for 2013-2015 here, accepted at the June Board meeting.