Lego League Victorious

Since September, 47 students in grades 1 – 12 have been involved in First Lego League or First Robotics – 15% of the school population.  Those in grades 1 – 9  have been busily working upstairs in A3 to construct, program, and drive their robots made from legos as well as developing a project around the issues of the elderly and technology.  It all came together last weekend at Capital Hill when the regional competition occurred.  Congratulations to our FIRST LEGO League for their win at the Capitol Hill Lego League tournament last weekend.  One of our teams, Brickheads, placed second overall and will go on to the state tournament being held February 2nd in the Twin Cities – details to follow.

Minnesota FIRST LEGO League 2012-2013 winners of the following

** Regional Tournament INNOVATIVE DESIGN AWARD!!!!!


**Regional Tournament RESEARCH PROJECT AWARD!!!!!