Connecting to the greater community

Great River School’s lower elementary classroom has won a Sodexo Grant of $500 to fund a food drive that will support the food shelf on the East Side of St. Paul called Merrick Community Services. The food shelf currently serves 30 families (cut back from 40 due to budget cuts). Johan Rafael (Rafa),  a 1st grader, has a best friend whose mother is the director of the food shelf and Rafa thought it would be a good idea to create a project that helps tie Great River to the larger community.

The food drive starts today on April 2st and will run through April 24th. Please bring in canned and packaged goods. The more the better—with toilet paper and sundries also being high need items. There will be bins throughout school in which to place the food. Weekly trips to the food shelf for delivery will be needed and we are looking for volunteers for this task.

The culmination of the food drive will be a field trip for the 1-3rd graders to the food shelf on Weds, April 24th where the children will help package and sort food items and serve the families. Courtney Roessler came to Erik’s classroom and talked about what a great partnership this will be and how much this drive will help the families they serve, “We are so excited to be able to partner with Great River. It is an amazing school teaching compassion in so many ways.” Please remember to bring food in throughout the next three weeks and to help with delivery and stocking of the shelves at the food shelf. 

One of the stipulations of the grant is that we invite elected officials and press to the event on April 24th. We currently have Mayor Coleman lined up from 9:15-9:45 to give a little speech about the importance of community. If anyone has media contacts, please let Christina Beck know ASAP so we can show the community the great things happening at Great River School. For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Christina by email