Safe Routes to Schools

GRS is participating in a nationwide effort to encourage more biking and walking AND make it safer for students to walk or bike by creating a Safe Routes To Schools Plan.  We need the input of all students who bike and walk to school at any time of the year to help us create this plan.  Using an interactive Wiki map, we want you to tell us how you currently walk or bike to school and what barriers you find.  This will take about 5-8 minutes to complete.  Thank you for your help.

Step 1 – Read the instructions below:

1.  Once you click the link below, indicate whether you are a student or staff member, then log in by entering any email address and any user name (this differentiates your response from other peoples).

2.  Note that GRS is the blue point on the map.

3.  Use the map to draw the route you take to walk or bike to school. You will have an opportunity to indicate your route as well as barriers to a safe route.

4.  Click on Route to add a walking/biking route and Points to add destinations.

5.  When you are done, click on About and log out.

Step 2 – click on the link below and indicate your route:


Here’s a link to a video with instructions.

Here are some additional instructions to add points and lines are below:

  • · Points and lines are added by clicking on “Points” or “Routes” in the blue banner at the top left of the map
  • · Use POINTS for specific locations that are destinations, assets, or barriers for walking and biking
    • o Use yellow for destinations, green for assets, and red for barriers
    • o Select the type of point you wish to place and then click on the appropriate location on the map
    • o Add a written comment in the comment box to further describe the details of your point: what it represents, and why you placed it on the map (i.e. why is it a destination, asset, or barrier)
  • · Use LINES for adding routes to the map
    • o Use blue for routes you currently take, green for routes you wish you could take, and red for roads that are barriers to walking and biking to school
    • o Click once to start mapping a route, and double-click to end a route
    • o Add a written comment to further describe the route, and indicate whether this is a walking route or biking route
  • · Once all desired points and routes are entered on the map, the user can scroll over the “About & Help” drop-down menu at the top left of the page and select “Logout.”


If someone wants to go back and add more points or routes, and/or modify existing points or routes, they can just click on the link above and “Login” using their email that they previously registered with.