Welcome to our new Head of School for Operations

Thank you all very much for your honest, insightful, detailed feedback over the last couple of weeks.  With your overwhelming support, the Great River School Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Sam O’Brienhas been offered the Head of School Operations leadership position.

Sam has agreed to assume his new responsibilities for the duration of his current contract before assuming his new contract at the end of the school year.  A substitute will be engaged to support his current teaching responsibilities to provide for a seamless transition while Christina concludes her generous service to the school.

 At Great River, Sam currently guides A3 IB and lower elementary art, as well as serving as Level Coordinator for A3 and on the Finance Committee of the Board.  In addition to his experience serving the Great River community since 2008, Sam has been an educator of youth from kindergarten through college level since 1997.  Sam also brings diverse experience outside of education, including owning a business and coaching world championship Ultimate Frisbee teams.

Many of you have heard Sam’s perspective on the role and the important work ahead as Great River matures through its next phase of development.  In case you have not, you can find his resume and cover letter on the website.  The following are some excerpts of Sam’s feedback during the selection process:

“Our teachers work tirelessly to facilitate the many logistics involved in our educational experiment – we camp, we cook, we shop, we design curriculum, we counsel students emotionally, we meet with families, we build lasting relationships with the students we teach. We are a school that aims for a high target…Great River School is now at a point where refining and polishing our programming is the priority. To grow into a school that will serve as a model for student-centered, whole-child education, Great River has the opportunity to support teachers to develop their practice of engaging students as individuals… and GRS can become a school that operates innovative programming with efficiency and order… administrative systems of operation should be more vigorous, better articulated, and designed for accountability as well as support… We are also at a point in our development as a school community where we can welcome the talents and expertise of parents and families in developing a wide network of support for the school as a unified 1st-12th year Montessori program. I look forward to inviting the community to engage actively and specifically in important roles that will support the school reaching its potential to serve our students.”Please join the Board in welcoming Sam O’Brien into his new role!Sincerely,
Shawna Maryanovich
Chair, Board of Directors