Just like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share, participating in a CSL is an investment in the future of the GRS lunch program; will guarantee that we can provide free and reduced lunches to those who need them and will help GRS purchase more from local farms and providers.

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Step One:
Purchase a Share

Snag a CSL share for a sliding scale of $42/week - $111/week for the entire year. In addition to your student having a hot (or cold) lunch available every day you will add anywhere from $660 to $3,160 to the lunch pot. Sweet!

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Step Two:
Enjoy Some Perks

For your generosity, you (or your student) will also receive a permanent name plate above the kitchen door and a handmade mug or bowl created by students to enjoy at home.

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Step Three:
Watch Us Grow!

Your support will help us purchase new equipment, more local healthy ingredients, create opportunities to market and expand the program for more revenue and more resources for nutrition and culinary education.

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CSL Shares
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