Title:                        Licensed Montessori trained Teacher/Guide     

Classification:     1.0 full-time, regular, salaried employee

Reports to:           Head of School

General Description:

The position is to guide a Montessori elementary learning environment. Great River School is currently seeking applicants for Upper Elementary & Lower Elementary.  This is an opportunity to serve a community of children and families and to complement and support the mission of the school.  

Great River School is committed to Montessori pedagogy for all levels of the school and has an excellent reputation as a Montessori Public Charter School. The school began in 2004 with the vision to serve adolescents from grades 7-12.  Great River School has  grown as a Montessori presence in the Twin Cities area, now encompassing a 120 student 1st-6th year elementary population. The role of the guide is to further our mission to provide a quality Montessori education through inspiring learning environments and strong relationships based on respect for the gifts of each student.

Areas of responsibility and Concomitant Tasks:

1. Teaching: 

  • Exhibit reverence, belief, and trust in each child  
  • Work in collaboration with and guide each child towards realization of his/her unique potential
  • Ensure a quality Montessori curriculum
  • Establish and maintain an elementary Montessori prepared environment 
  • Establish a community based on freedom with responsibility
  • Ensure respect and safety for every child within the community 
  • Ensure respect for and provide for individual learning differences 
  • Model professional integrity 
  • Work in collaboration with colleagues in service of the children
  • Contribute to his/her fair share of the operational needs of the school 
  • Actively plan and participate in major classroom outings and trips.  

2. Student Contact and Communication:

  • Responsibility for regular observations of children 
  • Responsibility for regular communication with children regarding difficulties and successes in work choices, interactions with others and their commitment to the community. 
  • Responsibility to establish and maintain a record–keeping system for the classroom in general and for each student to discuss any serious concerns, academically, socially or emotionally.

3. Other: 

  • Other duties as assigned by the Head of School 
  • May be required to attend Montessori refresher courses or courses that assist in observed areas of need. i.e. ADHD conference, etc. 


  • Civility, Honesty, and Integrity; as reflected in daily interaction with faculty students and parents
  • Serve the community; as reflected in student/parent community relationships
  • Judgment: as reflected in decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Depth: ability to draw from a broad base of knowledge or experiences
  • Relationships: ability to develop appropriate relationships in support of teaching and learning
  • Excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills. 
  • Possess positive and high expectations for themselves and for student success
  • Work hard and is a solid role model
  • Ability to manage competing tasks with competing deadlines
  • Ability to remain on task and follow through projects to their completion
  • Excellent word processing skills and good computer knowledge (or ability to learn computer skills to function effectively in the GRS setting).
  • Preferred candidates have current MN State teaching license and be elementary Montessori trained. Please send a letter of interest, resume and three professional letters of reference to:

Sam O'Brien ~ Head of School
Great River School
1326 Energy Park Drive
St. Paul, MN 55108

Email:   info@greatriverschool.org