Great River School, a unique educational opportunity for students in grades 1 through 12.  Students learn in a  environment prepared for their developmental needs and characteristics.  Please look further on this website for an application and other information about the school, the three levels and Montessori education.

Enrollment for 2014 – 2015

The enrollment lottery for the 2014-2015 academic year was held on March 6, 2014.  All applications submitted by February 26 were included.  Letters went in the mail on March 7 to all who applied.  All additional applications will be added to the waiting list for the appropriate grade.   To submit an application (for 2014-2015 only), click here for the enrollment page to find an online or paper application.

Click here to see the waiting list for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Enrollment for 2015 – 2016

The enrollment period for the 2015-2016 academic year will begin on February 2, 2015 and end on February 27, 2015. The lottery will be held on March 5, 2015 with letters with results going out as soon as possible afterwards.  The online application will  be available on February 2, 2015.

For more information, please contact Lydia McAnerney at 651-305-2780, ext 102.


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