Is GRS a Good Fit?

Students and families looking for a small school where the student is at the center of his or her own education will find Great River School to be a good place to spend their formative educational years.  Students develop ways to express themselves in a supportive setting that values critical thinking and the richness and strength of a diverse community.

Do come take a look at an Open House or on a tour if you want to experience a school where:

  • students learn, not just from teachers, but from friends and experiences.
  • the study of peace and formation of a code of honor and civic competence is an integral part of life.
  • teachers and students respect other students as individuals.
  • independence and inner-discipline are key elements of education.
  • students have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom whether it is in the local library, in downtown St. Paul or in a field where field studies come alive.
  • at the beginning of the year, students leave the campus to explore and experience the world while camping and cooking with classmates and teachers.
  • students are encouraged to make a difference in the world.

Students at Great River School are expected to:

  • act with commitment towards all their classes and activities in which they have chosen to participate.
  • commit an average of 2 hours on school nights to homework.
  • work with faculty to build the school community.
  • interact with others guided by the principle of human-heartedness.

If the above information resonates with you, check out this introductory video and come Experience Great River School!

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