Great River School,  (651) 305-2780

Faculty, Elementary Levels

Erik Akre - Guide,

Jessy Fabel - Guide,

Nadine McNiff - Guide,

Jennifer Nelson - Assistant,

Amanda O'Dowd - Assistant,

Cate Williams - Guide/Level Lead,

Patrick Kutzer - Guide,

Julian Noble - Guide,

Emily Bowar - Guide,

Kateri Carver - Guide,

Mary Hallman - Guide,

Alaina Szostkowski - Guide, 

Jean Peters - Guide/Elementary Curriculum Coordinator,

Andrea Galdames - Guide,

John Albright - Guide,

Derek Damron - Student Support Coordinator

Faculty, 6th Bridge

Bridge East - Eric McBride

Bridge West -  Dexter Yee Yick:       

Faculty, Adolescent Levels

Scott Alsleben - Science Guide,

Andrea Christensen - Social Studies Guide/Level Lead,

Alexis Dickey - Social Studies Guide,

Michael Flood - Mathematics Guide,  

Sarah Hansen - Mathematics Guide/Level Lead,

Adam Koehler- English Guide

Melanie Peterson-Nafziger - Social Studies Guide and IB Coordinator,

Michael Rausch - Science Guide,

Abram Shapiro - Math Guide,

Sheila Sullivan - Science Guide,

Julie Kesti - English Guide,

Kayla Kronfeld - Social Studies Guide

Abby Mesnik - Math Guide

Visual Arts Department

Laura Machacek - Guide,

Jenny Kordosky - Guide

Randi McClure - Guide,

Music Department

Caroline Miesle - Vocal Music Guide,

Zack Scott - Instrumental Music Guide,

Spanish Department

Emily Blue - Guide,

Enrique Garita - Guide,

Administrative Faculty

Karen Anway - Handwork Guide, Enrollment & Records Coordinator & Big Canoe Kids Club Director,,

Rachel Damiani - Communications & Events Coordinator,

Saleha Erdmann - Elementary School Social Worker,

Teresa Hichens-Olson - Director of College Accessibility & Programs,

Tami Limberg - A1 Program Coordinator,

Nina Johnson - Program Assistant,

Jenny Kordosky - OWL Specialist,

Stacey Kreger - Director of Administration,

Ilse Larsen - Athletic Director, 651-336-7598 (cell),

Toby McAdams - Robotics Coach,

Matt McElrath - Dean of Students,

Sam O'Brien - Head of School

Anne Parker - Human Resources Coordinator,

Ivanna Pavliuk - ELL Guide,

Kaylord Saunders - Associate Dean & Interventionist,

Andria Sibert - Business Administrator,

Seth Tupper, MSW, LICSW - Lead Social Worker,

Brad Wildman - Special Education Coordinator,

Gwen Williams - Technology Consultant,

Charlie Zieke - Front Desk & Community Outreach Coordinator,

If you have questions regarding Special Education, please contact the Special Education Coordinator.