And the winner is....

Bike Shop at work! 
7 things I loved about this week:

1) 3 families at the Spring Fest carnival on May 2nd telling me they missed the dinner and concert
because of how much fun they were having outside

2) The concert at Spring Fest - the best cover of purple rain. Ever. I hear the choices for next year's concert is narrowed down to Beyonce vs. Rolling Stones :-)

4) Students organizing for community - 
from high schoolers rallying for civil rights, to A1 students experiencing mock trial, to elementary students planning a milkweed campaign for monarch habitat, and A2 students planning a memorial community meeting space,
A1 bike shop running a professional business....
Inspiring to see our future leaders leading

Dunked 19 times at first annual dunk tank :-)
5) Students organizing for fun! Student planned events of the week: set list of Spring Fest concert, all the carnival games, the A1 spring dance on 5/8, A3 students willing to play frogger at community meeting, Elementary students delivering May Day baskets of handwoven paper

6) Volunteers coming out to make Spring Fest Happen! Bake sale, food prep, setup, cleanup, and snocones... thanks volunteers :-)

7) Reflection in person with parents who watched the video from last week on vulnerability, and connected to their own experience of the school.

We have a long way to go as a school to reach our potential. And, what rewarding work it is when we come together, in the name of passion and fun, work on behalf of this community, and dunk our head of school in 50 degree water.
Pure gratitude.
Happy May to all!