Dearest community,

The fall at Great River is a time of adventure, experience, trips and new relationships. It's also the essential time when we refocus ourselves on the foundations of why we work so earnestly for establishing community.

Pollinator and flower at the Land School 
Respect for each other, for our selves, for our work, and for our environment - these are the cornerstones of our work together across all ages. We want to make sure we are living and working and learning among a group of people we know and we care for.  I was lucky enough to join the 9th and 10th year students this year on their 4 day trip to the Land School farm in Wisconsin. Students engaged in the work of  agriculture, forestry, woodworking, and artisanal crafts. Apples and squash, maple syrup, felted wool, woodworking projects, and fine photography were all products of our days at the farm. Also, a sense of interdependence, as two student kitchen crews cooked for all 100 students, and all students supported each other through the work of the week.

And the work of community extends to our volunteerism. Thank you all families for your time and energy this autumn, as our community has shown up to lend a hand in so many ways. Over 35 families pitched in to help recover from trips and care for our school equipment. Our Parent Engagement Group (PEG) has organized and taken root! We have level representatives and a structure for volunteer organization.  The next PEG meeting is Monday 10/26 - check the school calendar for all PEG meetings!

We, altogether at Great River, are in a place where relationship with each other is the container within which we learn. Our work in the real world - in learning how to connect our hands, head, and care - establishes real experiences that help us throughout the whole school year.
A2 students processing onions at the farm

I encourage you to look at the material on restitution presented by my dear colleague Katie Ibes at the parent education event in September. Also, make sure you're subscribed by email to the school announcements blog!

I look forward to seeing the whole community at our Harvest Festival on October 10th! 2pm-5pm we will have crafts and produce from the Land School for sale, caramel apples and treats from the farm, free hot soup made over an open fire for all attendees, a bouncy house, a bluegrass and square dance band, and fun! (volunteer for the harvest fest here:

Thanks for joining in, pitching in, and welcoming the community altogether this autumn - it's been a wonderful beginning to the year.