Great Gatherings, and supporting the school while building community

Dearest Families, 

Our public school is a small and independent** district in the state of Minnesota. We are comprised of the students who attend each day, and the people (us!) who love those students. Our community is not solely geographic, and we rely on each other to support the society we are building each day at school with our students. That society seeks to be full of justice, fairness, and humanity in the promise that our students will bring a more just, fair, and humane world to reality. 

 One way we can support that reality for our students is getting to know each other in humane ways. Be together, know eachother. Perhaps gift the school with resources. I invite you to consider hosting a Great Gathering. These are social events - like a sledding party, or a hike, or a cookout, or sharing a talent or skill - that give us a reason to gather. These gatherings are an opportunity to be yourself, invite others to join you, and in our gathering we also raise financial support for the school. We can have a 'pay what you will' approach, and we can have a variety of experiences - some focused on fancy materials or experiences for 4-6 people, some that are capture the flag and soccer in the park for as many as show up. 

Every family in our community has a unique genius to share, and we welcome that sharing here! Hosting a Great Gathering is a free way to share, connect, and support the school. These gatherings do not have to be fancy, and we can host with friends or neighbors. Host at a public park! Share your hobby or skill with others! Click here to sign up to host! 

I'm writing this morning on behalf of a small group of parents who dedicate time to organize donations and gift-giving to Great River - the Soiree (click for ticket details)! If you're interested in helping with the Soiree, email or signup as a volunteer (click here).  

Thank you and be well,

Sam O'Brien

**A note on our independence: Our school is separate from Saint Paul Public Schools, and is *not* a part of an imending labor strike at SPPS. Great River School is governed by a locally elected school board that is a majority teachers, and we seek fair and supportive labor compensation for all of our employees. Fundraising (like Great Gatherings and the Soiree) is one necessary part of that independence, and our persistent work to support our independent public school.