Summer arrives!

Have a wonderful summer families - we will be busy at work preparing for your return. 

Our stories and the pace of the school changes in the summer, as we inhabit a space that is between the end of one year and a new beginning. Next year, however, will truly be a seismic shift in a new beginning as our building will be new to everyone who enters. Construction workers inhabit our building now with a hive of activity and industrious progress.   If you drive by the summer you will see lots of changes – just make sure not to set Foot on campus – it is a construction zone! If you need to reach the front office during the summer, please email 


Our final building will double the square footage available for our students, including elementary classrooms with full working kitchenettes, a gymnasium, a commercial kitchen, a performance space, and junior high and high school classrooms that allow guides and students a fully prepared environment.