International Baccalaureate Program Resources

Resources designed to help students and families understand the IB Diploma Programme and how it promotes:

  • readiness for life and post-secondary studies
  • acceptance to college/university
  • credit at colleges/universities

IB Scholarships at Worldwide Universities and Colleges

International Diploma Program Description

IB Courses – Descriptions of Overarching Groups

Impact of IB Programs on preparation for post secondary education

Impact of IB Programs on program implementation

Information on how the IB Diploma predicts success in post secondary education

Parents’ guide to IBDP

University Recognition of the IB Diploma

Visit individual colleges’ or universities’ websites for their most accurate and up-to-date IB credit policy summaries. Do a web search by typing in the university name and “IB credit policy.”

General Resources about the IB Diploma Programme

What is an IB education?

East is East and West is West

10 Reasons the IB Diploma Programme is Ideal Preparation for University

General information about an IB education

The IB in Numbers – Global IB Statistics

General introduction to the IB Diploma Programme

The IB Learner Profile