Great RIver School is hiring two program coordinators - one for the elementary level, and one for the lower adolescent level (A1) in anticipation of planning and implementation needs for the 16-17 school year and beyond. The program coordinator role is to monitor, manage, and support our programs in alignment with current and future strategic planning. The program coordinator role requires existing current employment in a teaching role at Great River School.

Priority Deadline for applications: July 13th, 2016

Organization description:

Great River School is committed to Montessori pedagogy for all levels of the school and has an excellent reputation as a Montessori Public Charter School. The school began in 2004 with the vision to serve adolescents from grades 7-12.  Great River School has  grown as a Montessori presence in the Twin Cities area, now encompassing a 120 student 1st-6th year elementary population. The role of the guide is to further our mission to provide a quality Montessori education through inspiring learning environments and strong relationships based on respect for the gifts of each student.

Title:      Program Coordinator

Classification:  1.0 full-time, exempt regular salaried employee  - program coordinator responsibilities result in additional monthly stipend of a 10-15% addition to regular teaching salary. (stipend DOE)  

Qualifications: Current employee of Great River School (internal posting for program coordination) additional preferred qualifications below

Reports to:      Head of School

General Description:

As a member of the Great River faculty team, the Program Coordinator will provide oversight and management leadership of the program at the respective level. The Program Coordinator monitors and guides implementation of  Montessori programming at the level, and coordinates responses and solutions as challenges arise.  The program coordinator monitors and manages the program, while supporting colleagues through clear setting of expectations for program execution.  

Specifically, the essential functions of the program coordinator include, but are not limited to the following essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Assure the clarity of the role of key experiences and their connection to our program and child development.

  • Monitoring fidelity of the program to Montessori principles and practices

  • Maintain effective communication with colleagues, parents & families, and school administration regarding the level’s activities, needs, announcements, and events.

  • Assure follow through and supporting accountability for programming as a level and within individual aspects of the program

  • Support guides at the level in effective content delivery and content that is in line with Montessori Pedagogy. (Constructivist curriculum that connects Montessori materials and Junior High students to prepare for High School and life).

  • Leadership in establishing and consistency of implementation of community norms, community agreements, and program details.

  • Leadership in supporting norms for the role of the adult in the Montessori environment. Maintain clear and open communication with guides at the level regarding agreements for pedagogy practice and professionalism. Specifically in regards to assuring clear norms and agreements are set for guides in connection to:

    • Preparation of the environment

    • Communication with families

    • Expectations for students

    • Consistency among guides in program implementation for students- both academic and disciplinary expectations for students

  • Monitor program implementation holistically as a level, and provide a first point of contact to advise any colleagues who are facing challenges in meeting expectations.  

    • Refer any outstanding issues regarding professional performance and HR issues to the Head of School for management. The primary function of the program coordinator is to manage the logistics and implementation of the school program, while the Head of School addresses outstanding personnel or human resource management.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Civility, Honesty, and Integrity; as reflected in daily interaction with faculty, students, and parents

  • Serve the community; as reflected in student/parent community relationships

  • Judgment: as reflected in decision-making and problem-solving skills

  • Depth: ability to draw from a broad base of knowledge or experiences

  • Relationships: ability to develop appropriate relationships in support of teaching and learning

  • Excellent written and verbal skills.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Possess positive and high expectations for themselves, colleagues,  and for students

  • Ability to manage competing tasks with competing deadlines

  • Ability to remain on task and follow through projects to their completion

  • Excellent word processing skills and good computer knowledge (or ability to learn computer skills to function effectively in the GRS setting).

  • Preferred candidates hold:

    • 5 or more years of experience implementing Montessori programming

    • Montessori training or credential (appropriate to level

    • Experience managing programming, and building consensus among colleagues.

    • a history of leadership and team building in educational settings

    • current MN State teaching license

Please send a letter of interest, resume and three professional letters of reference (e-mail of application materials is preferred) to:

Sam O'Brien ~ Head of School

Great River School

1326 Energy Park Drive

St. Paul, MN 55108