Upcoming Lower Adolescent Event!

Thursday, December 20th, 6-8pm
Quarter 2 Occupation Work Share

Seventh and eighth grade student will share their work on December 20 from 6-8pm.  Work will be displayed from the following classes and all are invited!

Design Studio, Cafe Occupation, Musical Theatre and Tech, Musicianship, Physical Expression, Aquaponics, Forestry, Spanish Storytelling

Students will be getting more information in their individual classes around attendance expectations as some classes will be demonstrating their work and some will be displaying their work (and attendance not required by the latter).  Pictures/videos will be posted here on the Blog in case you're not able to attend.

If you are wondering about Occupations or Science Curriculum in general in the Lower Adolescence, keep an eye out for a information session in February.

With any questions, reach out to LA Program Director, Tami Limberg, at tlimberg@greatriverschool.org.