18-19 Lower Adolescent Information Email

Greetings Lower Adolescent Families!

We are excited about the construction progress at the school this summer and look forward to welcoming you all back this fall!  

Continue reading for resources and links and forms regarding:

  1. Important Dates

  2. Online Registration

  3. School Supply Lists

  4. Trip Packing Lists (7-8 Odyssey, 9th Farm Trip)

  5. Prescription & Non-Prescription Forms

  6. 7-8 Summer Reading Guide

1) Important Dates

August 1st - Online Registration Forms Due

Back to School Night (Adolescent) - Thursday, September 6th

First Day of School - Monday, September 10th

7-8 Odyssey - Wednesday, September 12th - Tuesday, September 18th (this is different from the original and attached calendar); no school Wed-Fri, 9/19-9/21 (recovery)

9th Farm Trip - Monday, September 17th- Thursday, September 20th; no school on 9/21 (recovery day)

2018-19 School Calendar

2) Online Registration Reminder

Earlier this week, we emailed all families with instructions for the online registration forms.  If you did not receive one of those emails, please let us know so we can make sure you get your student registered for next year. The Deadline is August 1st!

3) School Supply Lists

Linked below, you will find the school supply lists for 7th-9th grade students.

7/8 School Supply List

4) Trip Packing Lists

This fall, 7th and 8th graders will head west on the Odyssey. Below is the packing lists for each trip.  If you do not have or cannot purchase an item on the list, please contact Tami Limberg at tlimberg@greatriverschool.org to borrow school equipment/supplies.

7/8 Odyssey West Trip

5) Prescription & Non-Prescription Forms

Every year we need to update the prescription and nonprescription medication forms for every student. Since both require a doctor’s signature, you should get those appointments scheduled now!

On overnight field trips, students may need to take prescription or non-prescription medications that they regularly take at home.  These might include daily prescriptions or things like Claritin for allergies or melatonin for sleep, etc. Students cannot carry meds themselves on these trips, but we are happy to hold them and hand them out as prescribed.  

If your student needs to take any prescriptions or non-prescriptions on a key experience or during the school day, you need to complete the School Medication Administration Formsigned by your student's doctor (this needs to be signed for both prescription and non-prescription drugs). If your student has more than one medication, you will need multiple forms.

Additionally, the school will provide limited over the counter (OTC) medications on overnight field trips.  These specific are administered on an as needed basis for specific and urgent needs (see form for specifics). Every family must fill out the Field Trip Medication Form and have a doctor sign it to approve the giving of any medications on the trip. If you do not want any of these OTC medications administered to your child, you must hand us back the form with your signature and note that "No medications should be given."  We must have this form on file in order to administer any medications to your student on these trips.

You can mail this to the school bring them to Back to School Night in September.

6) 7-8 Reading Guide

Read the Summer Reading Guide for some resources and tips for keeping 7th and 8th graders reading over the summer.

In partnership, 
Tami Limberg
Lower Adolescent Coordinator