Head of School message on Adolescent Vocabulary and structure for the coming year!

Hello Families of rising 7th, 8th & 9th grade students!

We are so excited for the coming year, and welcoming students back to our remodeled learning environment.

One of the great benefits of the expanded facility is that we have the opportunity to go even further in programs that best meet the needs of students. One example is our advisory structure for adolescent students. The basic news is that 9th year students will have an advisory specific to their needs and development, and 7th and 8th grade advisories remain stable. Our key experiences, excellent preparation for high school, and programs remain the same for students.

The attached sheet tells all about the details and overarching structure of our program. We keep the most successful parts of our 7th&8th grade programs, we increase focus on supporting successful 9th year students, and we offer greater opportunity for planning and reflection for 10th-12th grade students. All of those years are coming quickly for your students, and we're making sure to prepare and communicate with you ahead of the coming year.  Over the next several weeks, we will also share a narrated presentation (similar to the ones we gave in the spring of 2018 regarding this same information).

Attached you will find a document and a short Q&A regarding the lower adolescent program - "Lower Adolescent" - that's new vocabulary for the coming year!

Be well, enjoy your summer,

Sam O'Brien
Head of School