My Experience with Coffee House

by Annika Fischer

This year I hosted (and performed at) Coffee House.  It was terrifying.  Before that I had neither hosted or performed at Coffee house or any school event without just students attending.  It went to my surprise really well and I hope you enjoy my article.

So first of all let us start with how I came to host Coffee House.  So I was practicing drums, because that was my first time playing drums (it wasn’t the actual drums to the song but it went well), and I was helping set up and Zack asks me “Do you want to host Coffee House?” and I was like sure why not what could go wrong, well a few things went wrong but that’s fine it was still fun.

Now let’s get into actually hosting Coffee House.  Ok When we first started I was like what could go wrong and then Zack started talk and I was like SO MANY THINGS COULD GO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then Zack introduced me and everything was fine.  We introduced the first few acts and we had to skip a few because they were either not there or missed their act and had to be bumped to a new spot.  There were six musicianship acts but we only did four or five but that’s fine we all had fun.  Severin played drums and did amazing the final act left me still feeling the sound waves travel through me. The final act was this band of four and they play three REALLY LOUD SONGS and the crowed was blown away by each one.  All of the acts went really well and were all amazing! Everyone had a great time and I hope to host again.

Now we we will get to the part where me and my friend performed.  Honestly I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just banging on to drums that my friend told me to for the whole song and singing if you didn’t know what the piece of paper i was holding was you probably just guessed it was the performance slip and I it had it on the drums so I could have it when I needed it but no it actually was the lyrics to the song because me and my friend had two days, TWO DAYS to finish the song. It turned out pretty great and I had fun and I you hope you people that didn’t come to Coffee House come to the next one this spring.

-Annika Fischer

Coffee House Host