A2 Visits Buttermilk Falls Farm


Buttermilk Falls Farm is one of the first Community Supported Agriculture programs in the midwest. 14-16 year old students travel to Buttermilk Falls Farm in Osceola Wisconsin to participate in stewardship and trail activities on the farm and in the wilderness preserve. Students also engage in micro-economies of photography, candle making, woodworking, and agriculture.


Students harvest the produce planted by their peers in the spring of 2017. Students also train in leadership and facilitation programs that serve CAS back at Great River throughout the year.

We have a quite a treat! Below is the compilation of photos taken by the photography micro-economy group at the Buttermilk Falls Farm trip visited by A2 Students this past month.Many of the trip photos will be sold at Harvest Fest as photo cards so don't miss it! Check out the full photo album here.