7th & 8th Grade Odyssey Reflection

written by Eva Flood, class of 2022

On The Odyssey West we got to go to the Badlands, Bear Butte / Bear Mountain, Oahe Dam, Wind Caves, Pipestone National Monument, Mitchell City  History Museum and we got to view the night skies and hear elk bugling. We learned so much about all these Indigenous peoples lands and their history. We learned about the wind caves creation story. In the  Badlands we got to learn about the rock formations and how they were created. On the Odyssey we got to learn how to cook, work together, and become this beautiful community that we are today. Also we got to become closer and make new friends and learn about each other in the most spectacular ways. People who were new to the school were immediately welcomed, so  were the people who were in the 6th grade bridge or 6th grade. We all made new friends 8th graders and 7th graders alike.