6th Grade Bridge Buttermilk Farm Reflection

By Isabella Severt and Rena Curtis, class of 2025

The week of the 24th, forty-one students and four 6B guides traveled to Buttermilk Falls Farm in Osceola, WI for our key experience. We spent three nights in tents, many hours harvesting and went on multiple hikes down to the falls. We separated into cook crews and made phenomenal meals throughout the week that reboosted our energy to partake in many activities. During the week many other staff at GRS made the trek down to teach creative expression classes. Sam O’Brien, our head of school lead a tree harvesting ceremony and Donna Goodlaxson co-taught with our guide Laurax an earth art experience.

Now presenting a story from our trip…

It was after nine and 6th bridge was all fast asleep when a slobbery thief and stole the students shoes and rain gear that had been left out to dry. When the students awoke to no shoes they were puzzled, Then began to realize the beast was in fact the farm dog, Almo.

Our class learned an incredible amount of skills at the farm. We also grew as a community. We inherited gardening skills and cooking skills, basic nature lessons and learned more about our classmates. This was such a wonderful and successful trip and we hope to have many more experiences like it .