9th Grade Buttermilk Farms Reflection

Compiled by Everest, Caleb and Kylie, class of 2022

When we got back from the farm trip we were asked to reflect on the trip by thinking of one thing we struggled with, one thing we learned, and one thing we enjoyed.

These are some of the things our peers wrote:

What did you struggle with?

  • I did not like how wet and cold it got, and my socks got wet.

  • Being wet all the time and continuing to work even when it was raining.

  • Harvesting squash was difficult.

  • Moving all of the pumpkins.

  • Lifting pumpkins.

  • There was too much rain the entire week.

What is a new skill that you learned?

  • I learned that when the weather wasn't the nicest you can still have a good time.

  • I learned how to harvest radishes.

  • To can food, preserve fruits and salsa.

  • to hide in the woods.

  • to make soap.

  • to saw through wood.

  • that working on the farm was not as hard as I thought.

  • how to make Pico and now to spider climb trees.

  • it rains a lot in wisconsin.

  • Cooking and Preparing lunch.

  • That I can cook.

Although we struggled and learned a lot, we also had a bunch of fun and enjoyed our time. Here are some of the things we enjoyed!

  • How to fix a barn.

  • The hike.

  • I enjoyed washing pumpkins and laughing with friends.

  • Playing frisbee with friends during free time.

  • The ride home.

  • My bed.

  • I enjoyed bonding with my friends again.

  • I enjoyed picking pumpkins.

  • I enjoyed the Coffee House that we put up on the trip - there were a lot of cool acts.

  • I enjoyed sitting in the orchard house getting to know people.

  • Carving spoons, and squash harvesting with Sarah Hansen.

  • Sleeping

  • The Bus Ride back home

  • Cleaning The entire house