BIPOC Student Programming

Great River School faculty of color organized and hosted BIPOC-specific (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) programming for students of the global majority the afternoon of October 26th.

written by Jackie Le, class of 2024

The PoC or the People Of Color event last week was a celebration for all the kids in GRS from 12th graders all the way to the elementary. First we had an introductory meeting explaining our schedule for the day and what was going to happen and when it was going to happen. Then we adolescent students went to pick up the elementary kids, and introduced ourselves in our chosen groups, explaining what was our name, pronouns, our race/ethnicity, as well as a few of our favorite things. Soon after that we played games in the recess space and met each other. Overall it was a great experience, and there will be another POC meeting/event on topics and thinking together each month for adolescents who identify as people of color.