Heron's Nest Coffeeshop Update

written by Donna Goodlaxon, Coffeeshop Coordinator

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Heron’s Nest Phase I is underway. The Cafe Occupation, a class of 7th and 8th graders, hosted a successful cafe experience at Odyssey Night. They took in over $300 selling home baked cookies, hot chocolate and coffee. This covered the purchase of our used brewer and airpots!

Each day there are two types of coffees available for staff, visitors and our older students. In addition, the class is developing recipes and pricing that will be part of the next cafe phase. Speaking of the next cafe phase - the cafe will move into its permanent space upon completion of the commercial kitchen. Keep fingers crossed that this will happen soon.

The next phase will enable students to be making baked goods and additional beverages to add to the menu. Along with the next phase is the next Wish List. We’ll need a number of items to fully outfit the cafe. The biggest is an espresso machine. Also on the list are mugs, an ice machine, commercial blenders and more customers. Let us know about any connections that might help us get set up.

Watch for updates and plan to come and enjoy the new space and new treats!