GSA Goes to Q-Quest!

written by GSA leadership collective (Stephanie Ballen, Ella Tomlinson, Avery Malenfant)

IMG_0015 2.JPG

The GRS Gender & Sexuality Alliance attended Q-Quest on November 14th, 2018. There we watched dance performances, a comedy routine, and an open mic performance. We were able to attend entertaining workshops with topics including queer puppetry, identities, “How to Survive the Holidays”, and creating supportive relationships. The performances (especially the dancing) were engaging and fun.

As always, Q-Quest strives to create an open and welcoming community for LGBTQ+ and allied students, and gives students the resources to create these spaces at their own schools.

What is GSA?
GSA is Great River School’s Gender & Sexuality Alliance. It is a space for LGBTQ+ and allied students to talk about LGBTQ+ related issues and learn about each other.