Conference Bean Count

written by Mary Hunn, nutrition consultant

Bean Counts are Here! 


Thanks to all of you that shared what you think regarding the important values to address for our upcoming New Food and Nutrition Programs. At two tables at the Parent conferences, people took three beans and dropped them into the different jars that listed eight different topics. And here are the results --- in order of importance by building!


1. Healthy Food

2. Good quality of food

3. Reducing food waste

4. Variety on menu 

5. Good value for meals 

6. Sustainable sources

7. Convenient 

8. Popular menu items


1. Healthy food

2. Good quality of food

3. Sustainable sources 

4. Good value of meals

5. Enough variety on menu 

6. Popular menu items

7. Reducing food waste

8. Convenient

In the School Food and Nutrition Programs surveys sent out awhile ago, these same eight topics were included and our summaries so far show the same top two values — Healthy food and Good quality of food.

If you would still like to complete a survey, feel free to log into and/or send an email to We are very happy to listen to more GREAT thoughts and ideas from everyone!