Lower Elementary Library Adventures

written by Rachel Cupps, Minnehaha Creek Guide

Great River lower elementary students are able to have off campus days. We use these as an opportunity to extend our classroom environments. One of the wonderful places we have been able to go is the Hamline Midway Library.


The Saint Paul Public Library has wonderful programing that inspires a new love of books and reading. Minnehaha Creek has “rocked the library scavenger hunt”, heard new and silly stories, and found books to spark research as well as imagination.

Our library trips are also a time to encourage responsibility and independence. The local librarian worked to get each child their very own library card. With their own library card students learn the importance of caring for a borrowed material and returning it on time. Students also feel trustworthy checking out books in their own name. Being a library patron establishes the child as a member of a larger community of both the city and readers.  

Students also find joy in being able to choose books that interest them.  Children are able to find a wider variety of fiction and nonfiction texts at their level. This can spark or renew interest in topics. Library time is an active discovery for lower elementary students.