Crow Wing Newsletter Articles: Construction & Physical Expressions


GRS Construction   
Willa Henkemeyer, fourth grade)

Recently, Great River School (GRS) has undergone construction. I mean a lot. For example, we have a new gym (see Vincent’s article), a new cafeteria, and a whole new wing of the school. All the construction has taken many months.  Some parts have taken much longer than anticipated.

Because GRS has been having construction on the cafeteria and kitchen, students have had to eat in other locations, which really doesn't matter except the fact that there has not been any hot lunch. But by the end of February all the students will have a hot lunch option!

When GRS was building a new gym, the students were having P.E. outside. Some of the students didn't  like to have P.E outside because we had it outside into winter. But now students are in the gym.  Many students feel warmer and happier to be in the gym for P.E.

Since GRS has added on the new part of the school, classrooms have been changed to different areas of the school, which has taken some getting used to. All the original parts of GRS are still there, but just with added construction. GRS has only recently finished painting the school.

It's been exciting watching the changes!


Physical Expressions
By Vincent, fourth grade)

Recently Great River School (GRS) got a new gym. The gym was supposed to be used when we came back from winter break, but it was a little after that because the flooring took longer than anticipated.

I interviewed Seth the gym teacher and asked questions like “What's it like to be a gym teacher?” he answered “Challenging and rewarding at the same time.” He has enjoyed having Eric, his new co-teacher, around for teaching and if something goes wrong.  Right now, the elementary students have been learning Kali sticks, these are sticks where we follow a pattern and focus with our whole body.

Personally I like when we have PE in the gym because it's getting colder and I don't want to freeze. Ok, that was a little dramatic, but it is getting colder- and cold weather during gym for 45 minutes right after recess can be dreadful.