CAS Magic

written by Sarah Hansen, CAS Magic coordinator

This month, twenty-four 10th graders are leading CAS experiences for 7/8 graders as a part of the CAS Magic Program Leadership training program. CAS Magic prepares students to lead programming for younger students through an intense training process based on scripted activities aimed at cultivating mentor relationships and group bonding. All 10th graders led a one week session with 7/8 graders last fall and then planned four week sessions based on their own ideas this spring. Some examples of current CAS Magic Programming: Fort-building, Outdoor Games, Sharks and Aquatic Life, Podcasts and Crafts, Music: The CAS, Premier Pro and Acrobat Effects, and Ice Skating.

CAS Magic leaders have enjoyed getting to know the younger students and learning how to support following the norms in group settings. They have also appreciated learning how to design their own program and are more confident to lead their own CAS experiences in Upper Adolescent. 7th and 8th graders report that they have fun playing outside with the older students and they feel a stronger sense of community across the levels. They enjoyed learning new instruments and having a structured activity without adults around.