Arrival/Departure Norms

Hello Elementary families!

I wanted to share some information with you all regarding our Arrival / Departure procedures. First and foremost, thank you immensely for patience and cooperation as we learn how to operate with more students and vehicles! It's not easy, and your participation is much appreciated! I know this is long, but reading and heeding will ensure a smooth morning and afternoon for all!


  • All vehicles waiting to drop off students should line up behind the 3 or 4 orange cones located near the main GRS entrance -- the space in front of those cones is reserved for busses and transportation vans.

  • As you arrive, please find a spot in line behind the furthest car in line. If a large gap forms, you will be directed around cars to fill in the gaps.

  • At no point should anyone park on the north side (school side) of Energy Lane (unless parking west of the Elementary building.)

  • Elementary will now have a huge green flag indicating that drop off time has OFFICIALLY begun! Students shouldn't get out of their vehicles UNTIL the flag is up!

  • The only students getting out of vehicles before official drop-off starts are: adolescents, Big Canoe students. Everyone else should remain in their vehicles.

  • Adults should refrain from exiting their vehicles when dropping off unless absolutely necessary.... getting in and out slows down the entire process. Students should have bags and all other belongings ready to go if possible. Exceptions are understandable (child in car seat, unloading large bags/items etc)

  • If you DO have to pause your vehicle for an extra amount of time, please put on your hazard flashing lights to indicate that you won't be moving, allowing others to go around.

  • As you leave, please continue west down Energy Lane and exit onto Energy Park Drive. Please do not drive through neighboring lots or make u-turns to go back east.


  • For pick up in the afternoons, all classes have been given new vehicle tags to be fixed to your sun visor (passenger side) and flipped down during pickup time. This will allow us to see your child's name and classroom and get them cued up easily.

  • Every student has been given 2 tags, and if you need more, please let me know so I can print them! Feel free to distribute to your carpools as necessary.

  • New backpack tags are ALMOST finished (laminating them currently!) These have a matching number to your child's car tag, and now have a QR code on them so we can easily access your contact info! Attach to your student’s backpack with a safety pin or zip tie.


Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience as we refine our procedures and work towards a smoother experience for everyone!

Derek Damron
Green Flag Extraordinaire