Call for Donations!

Hello All,

My name is Nadine McNiff.  I serve as a lower elementary teacher at GRS.  I also do work, whenever possible, to serve families and individuals dealing with homelessness.  Currently, this includes working with a cooperative of groups and individuals to provide for those at the Franklin/Hiawatha Encampment in South Minneapolis.  You can read more about the work, needs, and plans for this community in the links below. My goal is to serve this community, in small part, with resources they need as the cold weather arrives.  A list of current needs is below. If you are in a position to donate it is appreciated. My goal is to bring GRS donations on November 11th. You can contact me at to coordinate drop off in my classroom, before or after school.  

Current needs are listed below:

  • bundles of firewood

  • duct tape

  • contractor garbage bags

  • batteries (AA)

  • bungee cords

Thanks for listening,
Nadine McNiff


A Brief History and FAQ (Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors)

Organization Organizing Support Efforts/Cold Weather Plan (Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center)

Frontline Volunteers Perspective (Natives Against Heroin)