Attendance Reminders

Happy first day of school, Great River families! 

As a reminder, please email to inform the school about any attendance details (student absence, tardiness, or pickup changes)! The front office is staffed from 8am-3:30pm and is primarily responsible for student attendance and health. Emailing your student's classroom guide or advisor is a kind gesture, but will not inform the school-wide attendance system. 

Our old email (info@) is being retired and your student's attendance details might be missed. If you prefer voicemail, you can always leave a message on the attendance line (651-305-2780). If you have a general question or need a faculty member's contact information, please email and we will assist as best we can! 

Starting at 8am, students may enter academic spaces in the building. Teachers take attendance at 8:30am when school begins. If your student arrives at school after 8:30am but before 8:45am, they can go straight to their learning spaces, where they will be marked tardy by their teacher. If your student arrives after 8:45am, they need to stop at the front office for a late pass. 

If a student is marked absent and the school has not heard from their parents, all listed numbers in Powerschool will receive an automated attendance call, letting you know of your student's absence. 

*If your student is late, but does not stop at the front office, they will be marked absent in our attendance system and you will receive a robocall.* 

Please contact with any questions - we look forward to a successful year of growth! 

the great river admin team