Lower Elementary Announcements & Reminders

Greetings Families! 

We are well into our first days, learning our community norms and getting to know one another.  In order for your child to be prepared for the day and the learning ahead, please keep the following checklist in mind: 

  • Transportation Tags Pinned on Backpack: every child should have their number pinned onto their backpack. This helps with a smoother transition at dismissal. If you still need a tag for your child, please contact your child's guide. More durable tags are being made and will be sent home as soon as possible. Also, please make sure to send any changes to your child's transportation to office@greatriverschool.org as well as your child's guide.

  • School Lunches: if there is any confusion about whether or not your child is receiving school lunch, please contact nutrition@greatriverschool.org.  

  • Peanut-free and low-sugar lunches: if your child does bring their own lunch, please be sure that the items inside are free of peanuts and low in sugar. This keeps our children with peanut allergies safe and this promotes food that best fuels the children for learning. 

  • Indoor Shoes: please send in hard soled indoor shoes just in case we have an emergency and need to leave the building. Indoor shoes are especially important to protect the carpet space in each environment. 

  • Water Bottles: generally children leave these at school and they come in handy when drinking fountains have long lines or during recess.

  • Extra Layers: temperatures in each of the classrooms vary from pretty cold to pretty warm.  If you are able, please help your child dress in layers. 

Finally, a note from our Social Worker, Saleha Erdmann about Sheridan Story:

We are partnering with Sheridan Story again this year, a program that sends food home with families on Friday afternoons so that families have enough food over the weekend.  To participate, parents just need to fill out a simple form, you do not need to provide proof of income. Sheridan Story will begin providing food in October.  On the day of the delivery, food will be placed in the backpacks of participating children to come home at the end of the day.

I will be sending home a sign up sheet soon, look for a lime green half sheet that describes the meals that Sheridan Story can provide.  On the other side is a registration form that you can sign and return to school in order to sign up.  No other documentation is needed.  Please return this form to me or your child's guide.  

You are welcome to contact me with any questions either by email (serdmann@greatriverschool.org) or by phone (651-305-2780 x36).  Thank you!


That's all the reminders and announcements we have for now.  Thanks for your support and please contact your guide if you have any questions or concerns.  

In partnership, 

Lower Elementary Team