Wolf Ridge Day 3 update!

Today was another magical day full of adventure, beauty, and challenge at Wolf Ridge. 

Today's short reflection will highlight field groups. Field groups are a mix of children from all GRS classrooms, and one of the many ways that community has been built this week.  There are approximately 16 children in each multi-age group. These children spend five to six hours a day in these groups working together with a variety of Naturalists that consistently balance classroom time with outside time as nature is the primary classroom here at Wolf Ridge. It has been wonderful for not only students, but also staff getting to know children from every classroom this week! 
Though there are a few homesick kiddos, they are in good hands and comforted daily by the beauty of this place, their friends, books, stuffed teddy's, worry rocks, etc. but mostly by the thoughts of those that love and support them back home.  They will be home soon! 

Eric McBride &
Upper Elementary Staff