Wolf Ridge Arrival Clarification and Thursday Wolf Ridge Update!

Hello families! 

We are so excited to welcome our students back tomorrow! 

We had a blog post that was confusing today about arrival times - I apologize! 

A clarification on pickup of students tomorrow: 

  • We expect the bus to return between 2:15 & 2:30pm

  • If you can, you are encouraged to pick up your student right away by 2:30pm

    • we will send updates on arrival by text and posts to facebook if any timing changes due to travel! 

  • Parking available on Energy Lane *outside the pickup line* or follow our regular parking guidelines (linked) 

  • Please do not park in the pickup line on the north side of energy lane. If your student is still awaiting pickup at 3pm, we will have students participate in regular end of day pickup line! (i.e parent pickup/bus) If you have any notes to send us about pickup of your student, please email ddamron@greatriverschool.org


Thursday at Wolf Ridge was wonderful. So great to see students settling into a routine outdoors with their peers - relationships new and old forming and deepening. Hikes, water study, changing colors of the leaves, and a rainbow sighting! Students are strong, heart-ful, persistent, and ready to come home to you! 

Sam O'Brien

Head of School

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