Great River Annual Fund Announcement

Great River School is kicking off the annual fund campaign this year - read below (or text “goats” to 71777 to find out how you can support the school).  

With UE’s return from Wolf Ridge, fall key experiences are complete! Thank you to the many parent volunteers who came to unpack bins, inventory tents, and welcome these intrepid students back to school. We encourage you to take some time this weekend and check in with your student about their experience - how will the skills they developed aid them in their educational journey this year? Here’s what one Upper Elementary parent said about their student last year:

This is our kid’s first time away from us (except for with grandparents) and it feels like our first big "letting go" moment...but this isn't an email about parental anxiety. It's about the WOW moment of our kids spending three nights away at such a stellar experience, connecting with the natural world and with their community of classmates. And also experiencing some independence (and perhaps anxiety) away from their families, but ultimately seeing that they might be capable of more than they thought.”

Great River is able to offer pioneering public Montessori programming, such as experiential key experience trips, through the donations of community members. As we unveil our annual fund thermometer for the year, we’re asking every GRS family to make a contribution to ensure our programming can continue for years to come.

Students & families are able to create their own fundraisers, shareable with your networks, to support & help fund GRS’s dynamic programming.

Thank you! We are so grateful to be in community with you.