Elementary Work Share Parent Information

Hello families!

Work share weeks in Elementary are rapidly approaching and we wanted to ensure that everyone know the "ins and outs" of arriving and departing during that time!

Work share begins at 1:30 and lasts one hour. This puts us close to the end of the day, but with enough time that students are expected to stay and finish the day with their classrooms. Students may not leave early after work share. Thank you for understanding their need to complete their normal work day.

As for parking, please know that if you choose to park on Energy Lane on the school side (north side) of the road (specifically along the sidewalk where our 5 busses and 2 vans line up) you absolutely must move your vehicle from there immediately following work share. This benefits everyone and ensures that our afternoon continues to flow smoothly! If you are parked past the sidewalk east of the school, you can wait in your vehicle for your child if you typically do parent pickup, or depart right after work share. Any remaining parked vehicles in the pickup line will cause delays. 

Feel free to park in our visitor lot on the north side of the school, in the Bandana Square lot, or anywhere on the south side of Energy Lane (with the exception of the space in front of Powermation, directly across from us. They have no parking signs posted already.)

If you need clarification on any of these points, please reach out so we can get things sorted out.
Thanks so much, and we look forward to seeing you all!

-the Elementary team