Minnesota River & Rice Creek Field Trip

Dear Lower Elementary Families,

On Wednesday, February 20th, the Minnesota River and Rice Creek classrooms will be taking an all-day field trip to Dodge Nature Center.  Classes plan to leave GRS at approximately 8:45 am and will arrive back to school by approximately 2:30pm.  We will spend the majority of the day outdoors, learning about a variety of environmental topics. First years will learn about Reptiles and Amphibians and Animal Tracks and Signs.  Second Years will learn about Life in the Cold (adaptations) and Milk Makers (mammals). Third Years will go on a Season’s Hike and learn about Bones (owl pellet dissection). If weather allows, there will be time for kicksledding on the pond, as well.

It is imperative that your child is dressed for prolonged outdoor weather on this day.  Please send your child to school with the following:

  • A hearty lunch/beverage that does not require heating (school lunches will be sent along if pre-ordered).

  • Snowpants (even if there is no snow), mittens or gloves, hat, scarf and a warm jacket.

  • Thick, long, warm socks and winter boots to protect feet from snow, mud and/or cold.

To cover the expense of this trip, we are asking for a voluntary donation of $15 or more per student. Checks can be made out to Great River School and should be returned to your child’s guide with this slip by Friday, February 1st.  No child will be turned away due to insufficient funds. Thanks so much for making this experience a reality for our students!

Thank you, but chaperones are not needed for this trip.


Minnesota River (Jenna and Sonja) and Rice Creek (Nadine and Jennifer)