Help our school with matching donations from your employer!

Does Your Employer Offer Matching Donations?

Many employers will match any charitable donations you make dollar for dollar. This is great for us and great for you, and your employer gets a write-off too!  Will you take two minutes to find out if you could double your donations to Great River School Foundation?

1. If you know your employer matches charitable donations, fill out their matching form and submit to HR.  You will likely need to update with an end of year total for a final match, but it’s good to start the process early

2. If you aren't sure if your employer matches donations, see sample email below that you can cut and paste into an email to your company HR department.

Thank you for taking the time to help our school!

Great River School Foundation


Sample email to your HR Department:

Hello {HR PERSON}-

I am wondering if we offer matching charitable contributions for employees? If yes, I would like to find out how to put that into effect for 2019 for a matching donation to my child's non-profit public school: Great River School Foundation, a 501c3. Is there a matching form I can fill out? If not, perhaps we can consider this for future years as I've heard many companies match donations.

Thank you!

{Your name}

Great River School (GRS) Foundation is a 501c3 created to support the long-term financial needs of Great River School’s mission: to prepare students for their unique roles as responsible and engaged citizens of the world. By building relationships with individuals, corporations and foundations, the GRS Foundation creates enduring support for students, faculty and the school’s urban Montessori learning environment. The Capital Campaign is a current focus for the GRS Foundation, with a goal of raising $250,000 by March 2020 to enhance our learning environment.