March Menu

The March menu is live on our website and EZLunch. Due to changes with the school calendar, we are extending the pre-order deadline for February 27th through March 1st to Monday, February 25th at 8am. Also note that March 1st is a half day, and we will only have sandwiches "to-go" available.

If it is easier for your family to order on paper instead of in EZ Lunch, there are paper copies of the menu available at the Front Desk and in the Café. Please fill out one form for each student in your family.

Forgotten Lunch Protocol

If a student forgets a lunch and needs the school to provide them one, they can ask the Nutrition Team member at the point of sale. Families will be charged for forgotten lunches in EZ Lunch. Supplies for extra lunches may be limited, and will most likely include some kind of sandwich and fruit or vegetable.

If you have any questions about the lunch program, please feel free to email

More information about using EZ Lunch below:

EZ Lunch is the system Great River uses for pre-ordering and purchasing school meals.

Here’s an easy 5-min video  tutorial for you to see how to use our system!

If you prefer to read, more walkthroughs for EZ School Lunch can be found here:

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