Elementary Traffic: Snow Edition

Hello Winter Weather Warriors!

 Here are a few bullet points regarding this crazy weather we've had an how it affects pickup and drop off at GRS Elementary. Everything is slowing down and taking longer, and we want to accommodate for that to ensure everyone's safe, timely arrival!

- There is only one line. Please pull up to the rear of the line and proceed forward as it begins to move. Skipping the line and cutting in at the front can create congestion and confusion during drop off. 
Please avoid doing this :)
- While in line, pull forward as far as you're able (follow the car in front of you!)
- If staff on the sidewalk are waving you onward, please continue rolling forward.
- When you stop, please let your student(s) out immediately (they should be ready to hop out by the time you've arrived at GRS!)
- If you see staff on the sidewalk motioning for students to get out, ensure that your passengers do exactly that.
- Feel free to leave a few feet of room between your car and the pile of snow lining the sidewalk for safety purposes when students exit. This gives some space for car doors to open and students to more easily traverse the snow.
- The green flag will remain flying a bit longer than usual to account for the extra slow conditions.
- If you no longer see the green flag flying outside the Elementary, this means you should drop your student at the main GRS entrance on Energy Park Drive to check in with the front office. Students are not admitted through the Elementary entrance at that point. This is for attendance purposes and your attention to this detail is highly appreciated. 
Finally, thank you all for all the progress we've made in this process this year!! We have a ton of families and not much time or space, and I really think we've come a long way thanks to YOU! If you have specific questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!

Safe travels!
The Elementary Cold Car Crew