School Nutrition Volunteers Needed

As our school nutrition program rolls out, we’re finding ourselves in need of parent volunteers to support us as we grow! We’re asking parent volunteers to commit to a weekly shift through the end of the year and are offering different scheduled shifts to work with all schedules. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the GRS community!

Current Volunteer Needs:

  • Elementary Meal Maestro

    Help organize the elementary meal carts and deliver meals to classrooms daily. Tasks would include - sanitizing bins and bags, portioning utensils and dishware, assembling sandwich orders, loading up carts, and delivering to classrooms.

  • Dish Director

    Help dishwashing the trays, silverware, plates, and kitchen equipment used for school lunches.

  • Point of Sale Powerhouse

    Help get students through the lunch line. Tasks would include utilizing our POS system EZSchool to enter in student information as they receive lunch.

  • Waste Management Wizard

    At the end of lunch periods help students, parents, faculty, staff, and visitors put waste in the appropriate receptacle and inform them about what can be recycled, composted, or what needs to be sent to the landfill. Help with other tasks in between.

  • End of Day Zero-Waste Wizard Spend time outside near the dumpsters for recycling, compost, and landfill near the north main entrance on Energy Park Drive. Your job is to help GRS staff supervise and divert items to appropriate waste stream containers based on whether it’s recycling, compost, or landfill.

Click here to sign up for kitchen shifts and here to volunteer to help our zero-waste initiative!

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